Fraticelli Trucking Company (FTC) offers transportation services for hazardous materials, non hazardous materials, hazardous waste, non hazardous waste, sanitary water, process water, refrigerated cargo, bonded cargo, general cargo and extraordinary cargo.

Fraticelli Trucking Company offers transportation equipment for lease such as tank trailers, ISO tanks, containers, flat beds, low beds and drop-deck chassis. FTC also services on tank-trucks’ interior cleaning, tank truck DOT annual inspections (HM-183), equipment maintenance and Intermodal Services.

Fraticelli Trucking Company also provides more than just transportation services.  Our company has a sales division on diesel, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, gasoline and potable water.  These products are delivered by our truck fleet to your company.

Fraticelli Trucking Company Celebrates
50 Years of Quality Service and Dedication

When our late grandfather, Don Eduardo Fraticelli Olivera, founded Fraticelli Trucking Company in 1960, he started out with one unit that hauled cement and other construction materials throughout the island. Although the company was small, his dreams were big and he distinguished himself as a reliable entrepreneur who was dedicated to quality service and reliability. As a result, the company’s fleet and customer base began to expand, and ...


Fifty years of Trucking excellence